Transformers 4 – Trailer

Say what you want about the Transformers franchise, the films still manage to get people into the cinema each and every time and whilst many weren’t happy with the third installment, Michael Bay has still plowed ahead with the fourth one.

This latest offering has a whole new cast and is set slightly after the first three and from this trailer it looks like things aren’t going so well between the transformers and humans. The line “We don’t need you any more” seems to sum it up quite well. I hope things are explained in the movie about how the relationship is faltered between the two groups, because they seemed pretty chummy in the first three movies.

Many fans are happy to see the inclusion of the Dinobots in Age of Extinction and it will nice to see how these characters are handled.

Whilst it can never be said that the Transformers movies are high-brow entertainment, Bay certainly knows how to handle action, even if some of the scenes do cause a bit of confusion with the amount of metal flying around at times, and there isn’t anything wrong with a bit of mindless escapism from time to time; which these films certainly offer!