Almighties Origins Review


Out now from Sam Johnson and Mike Gagnon is the prequel to the hit comic from last month The Almighties.

Whilst the first issue threw us right into the action of the group, this 7 page prequel comic gives us a bit more insight into the lives of the characters before they were the team as we know them now. It may seem strange to have produced such a short comic to give so much information to the readers, but Johnson and Gagnon manage to do it with the same style, flair and humour found in the first issue.


The highlights of the comic include a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it reference to An American Werewolf in London in the origin story for Phineus Clayworth, fingers crossed you’ll know what I am talking about when you read the issue; and a rather brilliant use of The A-Team introduction.

It seems that both Johnson and Gagnon, who have both written stories for this issue, are having a great time and a lot of fun making this comic and it really shows! The pair are really a talent to look out for and I can’t wait to see the rest of their story.

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The Almighties #1 Review


Out today from Sam Johnson and Mike Gagnon comes their hilarious take on the superhero group, The Almighties.

Written by the pair and featuring artwork from Eleonora KortsarzPablo Zambrano and D.C. White the comic has managed to build up quite a following with fans already; but it is time to spread the word to new fans as well as old that they should be picking up this comic.

Without wanting to give too much of the plot away for those who have yet to pick up the comic, the story follows Maxi-TronNite FangMs. FMason and Stefanos as they are brought together by the mysterious White Out to form The Almighties in an attempt to fight crime across America. Nothing is as it seems though in this story and things take a rather dramatic turn towards the end of the comic, after the group have already completed three of the missions set out by White Out.


Never fear though, this comic isn’t all about the serious and dramatic! Littered throughout the pages are some laugh out loud on liners (I’m personally hoping “Who wants salad?” catches on as a major catchphrase throughout the series) and a nice little piece of advice to always check for testicular cancer; it all makes sense when you read it!

It is a solid start to what looks to be a hugely enjoyable series. For those looking for a great superhero group, but without all the seriousness that sometimes goes along with them, I definitely recommend checking out The Almighties. Hopefully the rest of the series will carry on with the laughs that the first issue has provided and over time we will find out more about Stefanos and his connections with the White House and whether he will ever trust his nephew again to put on the fries; only time will tell.

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