H.R.Giger Passes Away


It is with great sadness to announce that H.R.Giger, the artist behind the design for the creatures in Alien has passed away at 74. He died in hospital yesterday after the results of the injuries he sustained in a fall in his native Switzerland.

He was the man that brought nightmares to countless people for his work in the Alien franchise, but also worked on SpeciesPoltergeist and the brilliantly names Killer Condom.

Whilst many be be familiar with his work, he name was not always known to the masses and it is a shame that only now will some people know who the man is because of his passing.

He will be sadly missed.


Utero Finishes Principal Photography

Utero Poster

It has to be said that pregnancy can be a bit scary at the best of times, but when it is main theme of an upcoming horror movie, you know you are in trouble! That is especially the theory in the latest film from Bryan Coyne, Utero.

The plot of the movie, according to Coyne is:

“an agoraphobic unwed mother who finds her psyche unraveling as she becomes convinced that her unborn child is more monster than human.”

This certainly makes for an interesting premise for a movie. It has been a while since there has been any good body horror films within the genre and it will be interesting to see how this film plays out.

Coyne is very excited about the overall project himself:

“Shooting Utero was a dream come true for me. Like any filmmaking experience it was a grandiose challenge. But the commitment of our crew and cast, a wonderful commune of pure artists, helped me achieve something astoundingly effective. I can’t wait for this film to be seen.”

The films stars Jessica Cameron, who also helped produce the film, had this to say about her experience:

“I could not be more thrilled with the amazing production that has been Utero. The story, camerawork, and lighting, is all so impressive and fresh. I cannot wait to share this with audiences!”

I know it is common for the stars and makers of the films to be excited for their finished product and can’t wait for people to see their film, but it seems like both Cameron and Coyne are extra passionate about this film and I am really rather looking forward to seeing the completed piece.




For more information on Utero you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Bananaman Coming To The Big Screen

Whilst this post may only interest the British readers, it is something that I couldn’t just let me go by.

Yesterday, a new website came up online for a Bananaman movie. Whilst at the moment it only features the hashtag #PeelThePower and a date for 2015, it seems to say that along with The Avengers 2 and Batman vs Superman, that year is going to be featuring another iconic superhero.

For those that have never heard of the character, the story follows of schoolboy Eric, who when he eats a banana becomes the title character of Bananaman.



It really was as ridiculous as it sounds, but someone, somewhere has felt the need to bring this character back.

Part of my is immensely excited for this film, as it was a cartoon I remember from my own childhood, and I have actually been saying for a few years that there should be a movie based on the cartoon, but I wanted Nathan Fillion as the character of Bananaman, if he could pull off a British accent. I’m sure he could, he’s Nathan Fillion.

Anyway, if you want to check out the website you can here  but for the moment the site is really rather sparse!

The Incredibles 2 Is Happening!

The Incredibles

After a decade of waiting, yesterday it was announced by Robert Iger, who is the Chairman and CEO over at Disney, that The Incredibles is finally getting a sequel.

Fans of the first film have been wanting a follow up since the last one came out in 2004 so this news has made a lot of people happy, and I for one am one of them. I have to say that The Incredibles is my favourite Disney/Pixar movie and I just hope they Brad Bird can bring the same brilliance that he did with the first offering to the much anticipated sequel.

Hoverboards are real?!

Or is this just brilliant marketing scheme to celebrate the upcoming 30th Anniversary of the Back to the Future films.

These videos are apparently showing that the technology has been made real to allow us to have real life hoverboards and they are so well done. The added extra touch of having Christopher Lloyd in the video just makes it so much sweeter as well. The producers of these videos have really gone the extra mile to ground them in reality by using skateboard legend Tony Hawk as a guinea pig, along with musician Moby.

Only released a few days ago, the internet has already exploded with people getting excited over the prospect of owning a hoverboard and fans of franchise have let out a collective nerdgasm over this marketing scheme.

I so wish this was true, but it really can’t be.

More information can be found on the website for the boards, here, which also features a nice little countdown calender to December. What this date means, only time will tell!

Stage Fright – Red Band Trailer

Stage Fright Poster

Everyone loves a good horror comedy, well how about if you throw in some musical theatre as well?! This is exactly what has happened with the new film, Stage Fright, that is looking to take the upcoming SXSW festival by storm.

The film is released by Magnet and they have been so kind as to release a red-band trailer for the film, so just be careful if you decide to watch it at work.

The film looks a hell of a lot of fun, and seems to have a good overall mix of horror, comedy and music. I have to admit that I did laugh at the bukkake joke; call me juvenile if you want, but if something is funny, I will laugh.

The film is from first time writer/director Jerome Sable and features Minnie Driver and the one and only Meat Loaf! The plot is as follows

“Starry-eyed teenager Camilla Swanson wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a Broadway diva, but she’s stuck working in the kitchen of a snobby performing arts camp. Determined to change her destiny, she sneaks in to audition for the summer showcase and lands a lead role in the play, but just as rehearsals begin, blood starts to spill, and Camilla soon finds herself terrified by the horror of musical theatre.”

Magnet are releasing the film on its own Ultra VOD program, iTunes and On Demand on April 3rd in the US. It looks like England will have to wait a bit longer for this one, which is a damn shame!

First Image and More Details From The Human Centipede Part 3

Human Centipede 3

Here is the first official image from The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)  to give it its full name. Whilst some people never wanted a first film, let alone a second, director Tom Six is finally nearing the end of his cinematic vision with the final installment to his Human Centipede franchise.

I was a huge fan of the first film, however the second didn’t really sit right with me. I understand that he was trying to be self referential and show how the first film had such a huge impact on society; it never really lived up to first one. That is just my opinion and I know some thought that the first film was horrific and was used as a rite of passage with some teenagers to see if they would actually watch it.

In a recent interview with Entertainment WeeklyTom Six, had this to say about the film:

“THC Part 3 will be totally different from Parts 1 and 2 and certainly not as gross,” NOT AS GROSS, I don’t think fans of the first two films will be happy about this!

“But it will be the most controversial one politically-wise. It will have a lot of self-mockery and will be the most darkly comical of the three. Parts 1 and 2 have a very European feel. Part 3 is very American with the highest budget, a big movie score, widescreen, and an XXL human centipede. It’s set in an American maximum security prison in the middle of the desert. Plot-wise I won’t share details yet but if you let your imagination run wild you might get ideas.” It seems like Mr Six will be taking some ideas he used in second film, by referring back to the first, to the limit in this one, by even joking about his own films. I am quite interested to see how this turns out.

He commented on having Oscar nominated actor Eric Roberts in the film:

“Eric plays an a–hole governor, he is a great, underrated actor with a delicious, worn, malicious face. He was perfect for the part and a real gentleman. I love working with American actors and can’t wait to work with more famous American actors — if they have the b—s to work with me because some are scared to work with a sick European ‘horror’ film maker. I make ‘horrific’ movies, that’s true — but I don’t consider them as standard horror films. I think the genre with mostly masked killers or creepy ghosts on a killing spree is pretty boring and stupid.”

He also has actors from the first two films returning for this offering:

“Dieter Laser and Laurence R. Harvey play very different characters that will put Dr. Heiter and Martin in the shade. They are both brilliant actors with their own style. Laurence played a mute in Part 2; now he is a smart guy with a whole lot of dialog. Dieter played a cold, restrained doctor in Part 1; now he is a loud, racist, sadistic a–hole. Robert Lasardo plays a very cool, daring part, and I gave ex-porn star Bree Olson her first break as a serious actress, and she does one hell of a job. I play ‘Tom Six’ in the movie, which is an Oscar nomination performance.”

Six has always rumoured that the last film will feature a ridiculously large human centipede of about 500 people and he has finally come to confirm that this is true and how he got it made:

“By having a lot of brave American extras and doing it the megalomanic way like they did in Spartacus,” Six says. “F— CGI-created things.”

I for one am very excited to see how this trilogy ends, and hopefully it will be easier to see this time around without a lot of censors trying to get the film banned or edited too much! No word yet on any distribution, but all being well the film will be released later on this year.