Lucy – Trailer

So here is the trailer for the latest offering from Luc BessonLucy and it looks rather awesome!

Now I know that the whole “we only 10% of our brains” plot idea isn’t the most original, but once you put that aside it seems like Besson is taking the story in a nice direction and throwing plenty of action at us.

The plot follows Lucy, played by Scarlett Johansson, was becomes mixed up in a drug smuggling scheme, but when the drugs start to leak into her system, they have some rather interesting results. Whilst the initial reaction to the leak looks like a rather uncomfortable one, as her body becomes used to the new substance and it is absorbed into her brain, she starts to develop a whole host of new abilities.

Starring alongside Johansson is Morgan Freeman, who plays a professor with his area study focussing on the brain, so it seems like the two of them will definitely have something to talk about; although I don’t know how happy he will be about her hacking into his video calls!

It will be interesting to see how the whole film plays out and whether Besson has managed to create another new strong female science fiction character or if the trailer has just shown all of the good bits!