Last Exit to Nowhere Interview

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Movie fandom has changed in recent years. Gone are the days where fans were happy just to hang a poster from their wall and let their friends appreciate it when they came round to visit. Fans want to take their passion with them nowadays, and that means wearing their favourite films on their clothing.

This is where Last Exit to Nowhere comes in. The brand has been running since 2007 and has risen in popularity over the years by producing some stand out film related t-shirts. I recently got chance to speak them about their products.

For those that haven’t heard of the brand, where did the idea for the name come from?

It’s kind of based on the film title ‘Last Exit to Brooklyn’ which I always liked as a name, the ‘Nowhere’ part I added as a nod to the fictitious nature of our designs.

What is the general ethos of Last Exit to Nowhere?

We’re big film and design enthusiasts first and foremost, and we feel passionate about everything we set out to create. We only design and produce apparel for films that mean a lot to us.

How long does it usually take from the inspiration for a design to the finished product, or is each design different?

It does vary, some designs sit on the back burner for years before we’re happy to proceed with them. Also licensing can slow things down a little bit.

Do you have a personal favourite within your collection?

I quite like my slim fit black Overlook Hotel T-shirt.


Are there any films you want to cover but haven’t had the chance to yet?

Yes, loads. I’ve always been really keen to do a T-shirt based on the Duncan Jones film ‘Moon’

Any memorable career highlights that have stood out for you so far?

Being invited to Pixar by director Andrew Stanton was pretty special.

I know it is always a difficult one, but any chance of the top 5 films from the Last Exit HQ?

Currently, in no particular order: Alien, The Shining, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jaws, Empire Strikes Back.

Last Exit to Nowhere can be found at their website, Facebook and Twitter


Joe Martino Interview

joe martino

Joe Martino is the co-founder of Red Anvil comics and I recently had chance to ask him a few questions about his work and career; here are his responses!

You set up your publishing company with Dave Ryan earlier this year, how important was it to be able to run your own company and be in complete control of your work?

I’ve done it both ways and they both have their merits and pitfalls. Dave and I have a lot of the same ideas and I felt it was time to start really publishing again. I’m not getting any younger!

So many people want to break into the world of comics nowadays; do you have any advice for them?

Look at what you are doing. Then look at what your target audience is reading. Does it look and read as good as that? Show people who aren’t your friends and family. My mom thinks I am the best artist in the world. That doesn’t mean anyone else is going to feel that way.

With anything good, these things take time. The longer you do something the better you are at it. Start today. Tomorrow doesn’t exist. You won’t have more time later.

Kickstarter has been the driving force with getting The Mighty Titan released; how do you feel about the support from the fans during the process?

Amazing. I can’t even put it into words how this all turned out. The first Kickstarter was really tough. It literally put me in the hospital. But, it didn’t kill me and the response since then have been amazing.

Cancer is an issue that affects so many people these days. I know it has affected you personally, but did you have any reservations about making a comic with the issue so far in the foreground?

Yes. It took me a few years to convince myself to play the ‘cancer card’. Also, I knew it would dredge up emotions that I had buried. Even now, I am finishing up the script on issue 4 and it is tough to relive some of it.

Any chance of a hint as to where the current story is going to go? 

Downhill… Fast.

Are we going to find out the meaning of Trenchmouth’s nickname?

Yes. It has already been touched upon in issue 2. We will learn more about him in issue 4.

The Mighty Titan is having a 5 issue run, is that going to be the end of the character, or just this specific story arc?

There is an opening for an issue 6 and so on. Hopefully people will want to continue with the characters and the story as I am really happy with the way it is going.

Do you have any projects lined up after you have finished with The Mighty Titan?

After? How about during? I am currently working on 2 other books. Shadowflame and Cyberine Corps. I am co-writing these as I just don’t have time to do it all. I am also working with Dave Ryan on the next few War of the Independents.

Any comics you are currently reading at the moment and you want to recommend?

Not many. New comics just don’t do it for me. The Red Ten and Scam from ComixTribe are really good Indy reads. Judge Dredd is a constant favorite of mine. I love Superman but DC isn’t publishing that right now.

If you weren’t working in the comics industry, what you want to be doing?

I am doing it. I am an IT guy by day. 🙂

To keep up to date with more of Joe’s work and The Mighty Titan Kickstarter fund follow him on Twitter

Scroobius Pip Interview

I did this interview last month and posted it on my old blog, but I wanted to put it on here as well.

Scroobius Pip is British rapper, spoken word artist, radio presenter and monthly film night host. His latest album, Repent, Replenish, Repeat,  in collaboration with Dan le Sac is out October 7th. I caught up with him to have a chat about the latest album, beards and his love of film.


How has it been getting back in the studio with Dan le Sac? Did it feel like old times making Angles and Logic of Chance?

It did and it didn’t! It felt great to be back in with Dan and it felt like both of us had developed well through our solo ventures.

Where did the inspiration for the title come from this time around?

We went back and forth for AGES on different titles and this just seemed to work. I think Dan initially suggested “Repent” and then it just seemed to natural develop. Sadly I don’t have a great story for you here. Haha. It just seemed to fit.

The cover is pretty damn striking – how difficult was it trying to find an artist for the album art?

Its amazing right?! Its by a guy called Paul Jackson and I have been following him on Instagram (@pauljacksonlives) for a year or so now so, when we started to look for designers, he instantly sprung to mind. I genuinely didn’t expect him to do quite this good though!

How different is playing with Dan le Sac again when you have had such success on your own recently?

Its very different but that’s why I feel so lucky to get to do it! I spent around two years touring with my band, then six months or so touring my spoken word show on my own…so to now get to jump straight into a huge tour with Dan again is just fantastic!

The video for “Stunner” is great; was what it like getting all the fans together to make something like that?

Stressful! I produce, direct and edit all the videos (with help from my good friend Tom Coles) and, when we finished shooting on the day, we weren’t sure if we had a video or not. Organising everyone and pulling off such a complex video was tough as we had a very limited amount of time so we only actually got to do 5 run throughs of it. And it was a VERY hot day! But all of that combined to make it work and feel SO rewarding when it came out so well!

Can we expect any more politically minded songs like “Great Britain” and “Stake a Claim” on the new album?

On this record I have the last political song/lyrics I will be doing. I kind of explain why in the song but its largely down to it being so easy now to be “political” or “active” without even leaving the house. When writing on the subject I realised that JUST writing songs about it was just as bad. I haven’t been out on the streets being active in almost four years. So either shut up about it or get out and make a change.

Beards have recently come back into fashion in mainstream society; how pleased are you about this? Do you think it is passing phase though and the trend for the majority will die off?

I’m not happy about it at all. These kids weren’t here through the tough times! Through the times when you would get stopped and searched due to having a beard (genuinely). The times when people would shout abuse at you in the streets (also very true). I EARNT this thing…

American baseball player Brian Wilson was recently offered $1 million by a razorblade company to shave off his beard, would there be any reason or any amount of money you could see yourself doing this?


I’d totally do it for a million! Are you kidding me?! Its just a beard! It’d grow back. It’s not a big deal! If that dude didn’t take the million then he should be shot. Even if he is rich its a messed up world when a million dollars is insignificant enough to not be able to buy a shave. Even if you took the money and gave it to charity. Incidentally, I would keep every penny.

You are constantly in touch with your fans using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; how important do you think social media is in this day and age?

Hugely! I think my interaction on a daily basis with my supporters means they are far more willing to engage when I have stuff to push. But that’s not a “business plan”. The reason it works is that I really enjoy the social networking stuff. And you cant really fake that. I would be on there chatting regardless (and I’m often more active when I DONT have anything to promote…due to being more bored).

Will you be getting Google Glass so you can keep fans even more up to date with the life of Pip?

I don’t even know what that is. So probably no. My life isn’t very exciting really. Most of my updates are stupid jokes and observations rather than exciting tales of a 32 year old man that has lived in the same small Essex town for his whole life.

You’ve recently moved into the world of cinema with your monthly night at The Prince Charles Cinema, I know you most probably can’t give too much away, but any clues on any upcoming movies you have lined up?

YES! This is something that has me SO excited at the moment. I’m a complete film nerd and specifically LOVE the cinema experience. I will go to the cinema at least 4 or 5 times a month, so when I got the chance to have my own night at one of my favourite cinemas…I jumped at it! In Oct (24th) I have Rififi, which is an amazing, amazing film! Genuinely one of the most important in cinema history but also engaging and enjoyable. It has 93% on Rotten Tomatoes (which is insanely hard to get above 80ish)! Then in Nov I have Irreversible (Nov 28th) which was one of the most moving cinema experiences I have ever had. Each time I introduce the film and then have a bit of a Q&A/presentation/film chat afterwards. I love it!

I know it isn’t an easy task, but can you name your top 5 films of all time?

Every film nerd has a constantly updated top 5… come on. 1. Harvey, 2. Buffalo 66 (Januarys film choice…), 3. Room for Romeo Brass/Dead Man’s Shoes, 4. Saturday Night Fever, 5. Say Anything

Spoken word poetry, rap, hosting a film night; is there anything you haven’t done yet that you’d like to explore next?

There’s loads! And most of it is being quietly worked away on in the schedule gaps. Stay tuned…

Check out the latest single “Gold Teeth”


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