Micro Budget Film One Day Masterclass


The film industry is an incredibly difficult industry to work within, especially if you are just starting out. You may have a brilliant idea in your head, but are struggling to get it down onto the page in the form of a screenplay, or you may already be lucky enough to have crossed the first hurdle and possess your screenplay, but don’t know how to get funding for your project.

Well, the folks over at Intense Productions have taken it upon themselves to help people out with an upcoming one day masterclass they have organised to show film makers how the industry works and give them tips and pointers on the various areas they might be struggling with to get their films off the ground.

One of the main guests at the masterclass is Carlos Gallardo, who both produced and starred in El Mariachi. He will be on hand to discuss the various ways to fund your movie, hopefully not suggesting taking up medical testing, like a certain Mr Rodriguez

This intense one day class seems like a brilliant way for not just film students to get involved in the industry, but for anyone who is trying to get their movie made and distributed. The day is happening all across the UK, so there should be plenty of opportunities for people to attend.

  • Glasgow – 28th April
  • Lancaster – 30th April
  • Newcastle – 1st May
  • London – 3rd May
  • Manchester – 5th May

For more information and to buy tickets for the event, you can go here and make sure to follow them on Twitter 


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