Fargo Teaser Trailer

Whilst no one seemed to ask for it, someone thought it would be a good idea to take the genius film from the Coen BrothersFargo and turn it into a television show. At first I had my doubts about whether the concept would work, but this trailer seems to have set aside those fears slightly.

The show doesn’t just seem to a complete serialised remake of the original film, but definitely has a look and feel of the Fargo we all know and love. I somehow doubt that this show is going to surpass the original, but it certainly looks like a nice companion piece for the film.

The show features Martin Freeman, Billy Bob Thornton, Colin Hanks and Adam Goldberg putting on their best Minnesotan accents. It is set to air in the US on April 15th with the UK picking it up shortly after on Channel 4.


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