The Incredibles 2 Is Happening!

The Incredibles

After a decade of waiting, yesterday it was announced by Robert Iger, who is the Chairman and CEO over at Disney, that The Incredibles is finally getting a sequel.

Fans of the first film have been wanting a follow up since the last one came out in 2004 so this news has made a lot of people happy, and I for one am one of them. I have to say that The Incredibles is my favourite Disney/Pixar movie and I just hope they Brad Bird can bring the same brilliance that he did with the first offering to the much anticipated sequel.


13 thoughts on “The Incredibles 2 Is Happening!

  1. here in the sequel it involves supers being allowed back into society and we see that new supers finally appear as society has changed a bit after the syndrome and under miner incidents. Dash and violet realize more families had super powered children and that they become good friends with each other and the Parr family also have some new super powered neighbors. Bob Parr now works for a different job as a teacher for a superhero school where young superheroes learn and train their skills and test their abilities. but also new villains have shown up who want to make sure that all supers go back to living as normal people who live average lives. bob Parr also acts as the mentor figure and leader to the incredible team and spends more time with his family. jack jack also is shown to be learning about how to control some of his own powers and is still a baby at this point.

  2. we also meet a new non super but still a really nice guy he is a zookeeper and a big fan of Mr Incredible and Elastic girl. he also gives dash, violet, and little baby jack jack a new super hero code name. dash is nicknamed the dashers and violet is nicknamed darkness girl due to her powers of invisibility and creating force fields.

  3. violet Parr also seems to be one of smartest members of the incredible team and she is also very well knowledgeable of other supers and their abilities plus knows about weaknesses of superheroes and villains. she also is talented in science and even starts making a few handy inventions to help her family save the world and still live like a normal family.

  4. also in the sequel new laws make sure that superheroes and super villains must keep their identities secret and still live normal lives like average hard working people without super powers and that superheroes and villains must not cause any physical injury to themselves or others. they also have to repair damages to any destruction of property or valuable goods. superheroes must assist local law enforcement agencies to capture some criminals or assist in any kind of emergency threatening people or life on the earth or universe. Superheroes and super villains must have permits or a license to fight each other or rescue people from dangerous situations. each superhero or villain must have their own lawyers to be present at court room hearings after a villain is captured and arrested. when a superhero captures a villain they must have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. they a superhero must have evidence for putting a villain in their custody and that superheroes must call 911 for back up, an injury, or any kind of emergency that they cannot handle by themselves. a superhero must have a warrant for the capture of a villain. then if a villain is sent to court after the capture the villain could face fines, jail time, community service, be sent to a special institution, or other kind of punishment befitting the crime if found guilty by a judge, jury, or other law enforcement agency.

  5. super heroes and villains also must have good insurance in case of any damage to people or property or themselves. superheroes and villains also must have yearly psychical exams to make sure they do not get sick or injured while doing superhero or villainous duties. super heroes and villains must graduated from college, university, or other type of school and have a degree, permit, license, or certificate to prove that they are real heroes or villains. superheroes and villains also have to take tests, workshops, attend jury duty, meetings of superhero or villain agencies. there also super hero and villain conferences and conventions where they can buy and sell gadgets, learn new skills, practice their abilities, or competitions to see who is the best superhero or villain. superheroes and villains now have new fans from normal people without super powers or gadgets. some superheroes and villains like having their pictures taken, sign autographs, and be adored by fans and general public like the old days. there are also professional super heroes and villains who make money from the constant battle between good and evil or rescuing people from danger.

  6. superheroes and villains also like going to clubs or other organizations to learn more about how to rescue people, battle between good and evil, and help each other when things go really good or very bad. superheroes and villains also like reading and learning about past heroes and villains and other historical events that changed the world for better or worse. superheroes and villains also like to learn or research art, history,and science. superheroes and villains still like their moments of rest and relaxation like watching movies, attend church services, weddings, celebrate birthdays, holidays, graduations, or other special occasions. they all like sports just like normal people without super power or awesome gadgets and knowledge. super heroes and villains love to visit museums, go the beach, play at a park, see animals of all kinds at zoos or parks and even keep a pet. many superheroes and villains have a sidekick, partner, or a henchman to help them and to support each other. superheroes and villains love attending family gatherings or meet other superheroes and villains. superheroes and villains love attending or doing sports like races, play a ball game, ride bikes, take long car trips or discover foreign cultures to meet and learn about superheroes and villains from around the world. superheroes and villains also love to swim, hunt, hike, run, ski, go to concerts, plays, and to love to dance to music. superheroes and villains love to grow gardens of flowers, vegetables, or make hybrid creatures in their lab or lair. superheroes and villains love to collect valuable items, making inventions, or do some art.

  7. many superheroes and villains have full time normal jobs like an average person without super powers or awesome gadgets or something different than an average person or a part time job to earn money. they also love volunteering to help other poor, sick, or dying superheroes/villains or those who elderly, retired, and disabled.

  8. many superheroes also assist the military and armed forces when at war or protecting and serving the country and the world from villains or other threats including pandemics, natural disasters, wars, or other events that may put people in danger or to prevent destruction of property.

  9. here Tony is stated to be going out with violet Parr a lot and are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend. Kari MC Keen is mentioned still being jack jack’s babysitter and she is a big fan of the incredible team. Fro Zone is mentioned to continue being best friends with bob Parr as his civilian identity of Lucius best. Mirage is said to be working for a new boss agent rick dicker. Mr. Gilbert is mentioned to have recovered from his injuries from the first film but he now does not like the Parr family still and he is no longer bob’s boss and CEO of Insure Care as Mirage is their new CEO and is nicer than Mr. Gilbert due she had her own change of heart after working for syndrome also known as buddy pine. we also meet new villains like Future 10 N a robotic time traveler from the 24th century and tries to rule the world of the past. we also meet Organics known as Jill Carter who does not have super powers but instead chemical based weapons. she is Elastic girl or Helen Parr arch enemy and rival. Jill’s son Andre is also shown to be violet’s second boyfriend and wants to become a hero instead of a villain like his mother. we also see the confederacy of crime headed by Mr. Pixel assisted by a talking robotic tyrannosaurus, shifty a shape sifter, roller girl, and Cent Us. Mesmer Ella a master of hypnosis. a few deceased heroes and villains are mentioned like Buddy Pine or Syndrome, Gazer beam a hero that can create energy blasts from his eyes, Doctor Sun bright a doctor and mad scientist who treat superheroes and villains from disease, injury, prescribe drugs, takes x rays, does various tests, work in the labor and delivery of newborn heroes and villains, and is also a great surgeon.

  10. we also meet a new main villain who is in charge of the villains since back in the old days called the golden age of supers. he also the one who employed the under miner to take control of the world of above since he is from under the earth. his name is Xerox. he is later revealed to be one of buddy pine’s mentors after he did not become Mr. Incredible’s partner and thought him about how to be a great villain .

  11. another villain is Lady Light bug who is sinister yet lovely she destroyed a bridge in the city where the Parr family lived. be also see a cute rabbit who is the new pet for the Parr family. his name is Mr. Skipper Do o

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