Bananaman Coming To The Big Screen

Whilst this post may only interest the British readers, it is something that I couldn’t just let me go by.

Yesterday, a new website came up online for a Bananaman movie. Whilst at the moment it only features the hashtag #PeelThePower and a date for 2015, it seems to say that along with The Avengers 2 and Batman vs Superman, that year is going to be featuring another iconic superhero.

For those that have never heard of the character, the story follows of schoolboy Eric, who when he eats a banana becomes the title character of Bananaman.



It really was as ridiculous as it sounds, but someone, somewhere has felt the need to bring this character back.

Part of my is immensely excited for this film, as it was a cartoon I remember from my own childhood, and I have actually been saying for a few years that there should be a movie based on the cartoon, but I wanted Nathan Fillion as the character of Bananaman, if he could pull off a British accent. I’m sure he could, he’s Nathan Fillion.

Anyway, if you want to check out the website you can here  but for the moment the site is really rather sparse!


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