Motorway – DVD Review

Out this week from Arrow Films is the Hong Kong action crime movie, Motorway.

Motorway Cover

Some have commented that Motorway could be Hong Kong’s answer to Drive. As much as I would like to agree with this statement, I can’t quite get my head around it. Drive is a completely different entity to Motorway. However, this is not an article to compare and contrast these two film, I just wanted to get any confusion out of the way to start with.

As I mentioned before, Motorway, is a blend of Asian crime and action, but this isn’t a traditional kung-fo fighting movie. The action takes place on the streets. The story follows a pair of traffic police men, Cheung and Lo, who are trying to track down a getaway driver who has orchestrated his own arrest so he can help break out a fellow criminal, who needs him for a job of his own.

The plot isn’t the most adventurous and it does draw on some conventional cop movie plot devices, in as much as the older of pairing, Lo, is still hung up over the fact that he was never able to catch the no returned getaway driver and he has to pass his skills down onto his younger partner, Cheung. The real enjoyment of the film comes from the skillfully shot car action sequences. It isn’t all about the high speed over the top chases found in most vehicle based action films, but Motoway manages to bring some real elegance to the action. It is clear the director has really thought about how they want the film to look and not just quick cuts and fast paced editing to bring some excitement to the screen.

The DVD comes with a making of feature that shows how many of scenes were constructed and for fans of the genre, it is nice to see how everything was put together.

Whilst I wont be rushing to watch Motorway again any time soon, it is certainly a half decent film to have in your collection if you enjoy car based crime films.


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