Hoverboards are real?!

Or is this just brilliant marketing scheme to celebrate the upcoming 30th Anniversary of the Back to the Future films.

These videos are apparently showing that the technology has been made real to allow us to have real life hoverboards and they are so well done. The added extra touch of having Christopher Lloyd in the video just makes it so much sweeter as well. The producers of these videos have really gone the extra mile to ground them in reality by using skateboard legend Tony Hawk as a guinea pig, along with musician Moby.

Only released a few days ago, the internet has already exploded with people getting excited over the prospect of owning a hoverboard and fans of franchise have let out a collective nerdgasm over this marketing scheme.

I so wish this was true, but it really can’t be.

More information can be found on the website for the boards, here, which also features a nice little countdown calender to December. What this date means, only time will tell!


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