Great Scott! Back to the Future Items Up For Auction

It is safe to say that it gets to every point in someone’s love of film that they want to take their obsession to the next level and own a piece of movie memorabilia and now is the chance for fans of Back to the Future.

Next month icollector  is having an auction to sell some of the items featured in the franchise. Those lucky enough to have the money will be able to bit on some of the props featured in the movie. These include:

BTTF phonebook page

Lou’s Phonebook Page – This page is the sheet that Marty rips out of the phonebook to find Doc Brown’s address

Biff's Jacket

Biff’s Jacket – This is on screen jacket that Thomas F. Wilson wore in his role as Biff Tannen

BTTF photographs

Doc and Marty clock photographs – These were some of the original prints created during the production to be used in Back to the Future part 3

BTTF studio guitar

Studio Guitar – This was the actual guitar used for the studio recording of Johnny B. Goode and the opening scene where Marty blows up the amp system

Now some of these items aren’t cheap, but they are certainly going to make some fans very happy when they win the upcoming auction.

The items can be found here


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