Red Band Trailer For The Sacrament

Say what you want about the found footage genre, whether you like it or not, it is still useful to horror directors when trying to work out what their next movie is going to be. Although, in the case of Ti West even he isn’t sure if he would class his latest film as a one to go under the found footage umbrella.

In an interview last year about his new movie, The SacrementWest had this to say about the genre in relation to his film:

“I think the term “found footage” is a weird term because it’s a genre, we all get what it means and I understand labeling this as it just so you can understand it’s shot sort of like that. But to me, found footage is movies that are supposed to be real or supposed to be in camera edited, like this is what was left on this tape. That’s never what this is.”

Rather bizarrely he alludes to Christopher Guest and his previous work. Not someone you would think a horror director would be referencing, although you can see in the quote below what he was getting at.

“This is an after the fact made documentary. It’s like a Christopher Guest movie if you will. It’s just very dark, and I don’t think anyone’s looked at Christopher Guest’s career and been like, “Oh, found footage.” It’s always been like these weird mockumentaries, but mockumentary sounds good for comedy and not for anything else. So it’s just hard to label it necessarily but to me, having a tough time labeling something generally means something’s interesting.”

The movie follows a reporter from Vice travelling to religious commune to try and find a man’s sister. As with any horror film, things do not go to plan. When viewing the trailer after reading the quotes from West it kind of puts a fresh perspective on the found footage genre and makes this film seem a bit interesting. The involvement of Eli Roth is always an added bonus as well.

The full interview can be found here



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