Ben Wheatley and Tom Hiddleston team up for Ballard’s “High-Rise”


The question on my mind right now, is when does Ben Wheatley sleep? When he isn’t bust directing the latest upcoming episode of Doctor Who, he is announcing his own projects, and this is exactly what has happened today.

Wheatley tweeted this morning that his next project is going to be an adaptation of J.G.Ballard’s work, High-Rise. The script will be written by his long time collaborator, Amy Jump and feature Tom Hiddleston in a yet to named role.

The plot of the 1975 novel, follows a group of people living in a high-rise apartment block that seems to feature everything they need in life; shops, a swimming pool, a school. However, is this all just a scheme to keep the inhabitants from experiencing the ‘real’ outside world. Life within the block soon starts to disintegrate and the home owners find themselves breaking off into different factions that echo society outside, with the lower, middle and upper class all living within the building on their corresponding floors.

It sounds like a the perfect project for Wheatley and with Hiddleston involved it is sure to get the fan’s interested.

Filming is set to start in June


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