Chinese Bootleg Of Oldboy Has A Rather Interesting Marketing Campaign

Sometimes you can not always agree with a marketing campaign for a movie, and others you have to wonder where they get the quotes to put on the covers of DVDs. This blunder may fall into the latter category. It seems a certain Chinese bootlegger has taken a random quote from the internet to put on the cover of their Oldboy copy, but not checked whether it shows the film in a good light.

Ah well, it has certainly brought the people of the internet some enjoyment!


Ben Wheatley Gives More Details On High-Rise


In the latest issue of Empire magazine, Ben Wheatley took some time out from directing the upcoming episodes of the new Doctor Who series to speak a little bit about his next movie, High-Rise.

He spoke about when the book was written and how it fit into society today:

“It’s a very relevant book. It was written in the ’70s, projecting itself into a near future, but we live in that future now. It’s a book that’s about our parents in a way, that generation, and we’re the generation that’s the Thatcher generation. We’re almost in a new version of the ’70s. Nothing’s really moved forward particularly. It just resets, doesn’t it?”

“I’m looking forward to the ’70s and doing the ’70s. That period of British filmmaking is fascinating, so I’ve been looking at that and a lot of graphic design and fashion, and listening to a lot of music. I’ve got a massive 1975 playlist going on at the moment.”

A bit more about the casting of Tom Hiddleston:

“Ames (Amy Jump, his screenwriter and wife) and I cut some faces out of film stars we liked. Tom Hiddleston’s face was, disturbingly, on a whiteboard in our kitchen for quite a long time. It’s scary. I don’t think he knows that. He was our number one choice. You can see in the choices he made, if you go from Archipelago to Thor, it’s a pretty broad spectrum. He’s a very smart guy. I was chuffed.” I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who have a picture of Hiddleston on their whiteboard at home!

On the character of Dr Robert Laing, played by Hiddleston:

“Ballardian heroes are a tricky bunch, that’s for sure. Look at [James] Spader in Crash or even Christian Bale in Empire Of The Sun. They avoid, don’t they, a lot of the time? They’re tricky to pull off.”

And how this film is going to be different from his previous outings behind the camera:

“This is the fifth film in and it’s the first time we’ve had a set. It’s a major deal. It’s a different kind of filmmaking, marrying up the handheld and doco styles with the more controlled advertising and TV stuff I’ve done. That’s going to be very exciting.”

More information can be found over at Empire

Maniac – Review

Maniac Poster

To a whole generation, Elijah Wood is Frodo Baggins, but since his departure from the Lord of the Rings franchise he done quite a bit to distance himself form this role and to spread his acting wings with a variety of different jobs. The most shocking, other than his brief cameo in Sin City as Kevin, and my personal favourite (after his appearance in Back to the Future 2) is the character of Frank in the 2013 film, Maniac.

Maniac is remake of the 1980 film of the same name, which I apologise that I have not seen, so I cannot comment on how the remake fairs compared to original; but the remake, to me personally is utter brilliance.

Watch our for *SPOILERS* in the upcoming plot description!

The story follows mannequin restorer, Frank, who ends up befriending artist, Anna, who takes in interest in his work as she wants to use his mannequins for an upcoming art show that she has. Little does she know that Frank is not as nice and quiet as she originally thinks. Frank has had a very troubled past due to his relationship with his mother (isn’t that how all disturbed killers start?!) and takes it upon himself to fill his life with other women. Although instead of just wining and dining them and taking them home after a night out, he likes to scalp his victims and place their scalps on on some of his restored mannequins. He talks to the various women in his life and treats them like his actual partner, until he realises that Anna is the one for him and she is going to take the place of all the other victims. He wants to take her home to meet his mother, which isn’t as easy as it sounds!

Whilst it could sound like Maniac is just your run of the mill remake of an 80s horror film, much like a lot of the cinematic offerings from the horror genre these days, you will be mistaken. Maniac uses first person shooting to bring the audience into the mind of Frank and give us a very unique perspective on the events that unfold. Elijah Wood narrates over the top of film, so we are given not only a visual from Frank’s point of view, but also what is going on in his head at the time as well. It almost seems like an insanely dark version of Peep Show. Some may not enjoy this style of filming, but I personally felt it brought so much to the film, and allowed it to have a lot more freedom, because the audience is drawn in on such a personal level with Frank.

The script was adapted by Alexandre Aja and Grégory Levasseur who have previously written Switchblade Romance and the remake of The Hills Have Eyes. If you are familiar with either of these movies then you will know that you are in good hands when it comes to this movie. Franck Khalfoun was the director and his previously worked the pair on other projects, including being an actor in Switchblade Romance.

Here is the opening 6 minutes of the film, to see if it peaks your interest!

Great Scott! Back to the Future Items Up For Auction

It is safe to say that it gets to every point in someone’s love of film that they want to take their obsession to the next level and own a piece of movie memorabilia and now is the chance for fans of Back to the Future.

Next month icollector  is having an auction to sell some of the items featured in the franchise. Those lucky enough to have the money will be able to bit on some of the props featured in the movie. These include:

BTTF phonebook page

Lou’s Phonebook Page – This page is the sheet that Marty rips out of the phonebook to find Doc Brown’s address

Biff's Jacket

Biff’s Jacket – This is on screen jacket that Thomas F. Wilson wore in his role as Biff Tannen

BTTF photographs

Doc and Marty clock photographs – These were some of the original prints created during the production to be used in Back to the Future part 3

BTTF studio guitar

Studio Guitar – This was the actual guitar used for the studio recording of Johnny B. Goode and the opening scene where Marty blows up the amp system

Now some of these items aren’t cheap, but they are certainly going to make some fans very happy when they win the upcoming auction.

The items can be found here

Someone Is Missing – Shutter Island Book and Movie Comparison

After my recent comparison between the book and film adaptation of Jaws, I thought I would do one for Shutter Island having recently just finished the book. Much like the first article, I will warn you now that this post my contain *SPOILERS* if you haven’t already seen or read Shutter Island.

Shutter Island is 2003 novel by Dennis Lehane that focusses on US Marshal Teddy Daniels as he visits Shutter Island to investigate the disappearance of a patient that has escaped from the mental institution that is housed on the island.

shutter island book

Things don’t sit right with Teddy as he and his partner, Chuck, begin their investigation into the grounds and he feels that the staff and other patients are keeping information from them. Not only that, Teddy has his own personal mission, in which he is trying to find a certain patient who he believes killed his wife in a fire. As the novel progresses, the reader is given more information into what Teddy believes is going on on the island, including experiments on the patients using psychotropic drugs and lobotomies.

Teddy’s partner Chuck goes along with his theories for the majority of the novel and tries to support him in any way, as much a good partner would, but he ends up disappearing. This only adds to Teddy’s already mounting paranoia about the island and when he starts to question the whereabouts of ChuckTeddy is told that he arrived on island alone and never had a partner with him.

Whilst the novel starts out as a traditional crime thriller about the missing patient, Rachel Solando, it manages to swiftly change into one where the world of the main protagonist is turned completely on its head. It soon becomes apparent that not all is well in the world of Teddy Daniels and towards the end of the book, a monumental bombshell is dropped where we learn that he is in fact a patient on the island. The most dangerous one that any of the staff has ever come across, and the mystery patient that he is searching for, Andrew Laeddis, is actually a character he has created to hide the fact that he has actually killed his own wife. Lehane manages to handle this tonal shift and revelation with great ease and it comes as not only a surprise to the reader but also to Daniels as well.

Due to the popularity of the novel, it comes as no surprise to see there was a movie adaptation of it.

shutter island poster

The film was released in 2010 and the screenplay was adapted by Laeta Kalogridis with direction coming from Martin Scorsese, at the time, it turned out to be the most successful opening weekend for a film Scorsese had ever made. The film starred Leonardo DiCaprio is the role of Teddy Daniels with Mark Ruffalo playing the role of his partner, along with Ben Kingsley, Max Von Syndow and Ted Levine in other roles.

I was impressed with the film the first time I watched it, but I have to admit I did not know it was adapted from a novel when I first experienced it. However, after reading the novel, my enjoyment of the film has actually gone down. I re-watched the film after finishing the book so I could prepare for this article and I have to say it wasn’t as enjoyable this time around.

There felt like there was something missing from this adaptation. The film really does try to build up the same level of tension, paranoia and intrigue as the book; but to me personally, it just misses the mark. This is one time, that I can safely say that novel is certainly better than the book. I am not trying to take anything away from the film and I would still rate it highly if I had not come across a copy of the book, but after the reading the source material I think I will be sticking with that from now on. The pacing of the film somehow doesn’t live up to what is put across in the book, it somehow seems to drag along compared to the novel. Maybe it was because I had just read the novel and then moved straight onto the film that I felt like this, but surely if a film is that good it would not have mattered if I had just read the book beforehand?

Some may disagree with me on my views on the adaptation, but this is just my own personal opinion. I am not going to say don’t watch the adaptation, because I thoroughly enjoyed Shutter Island the few times I watched it before I read the novel. I just feel that I got more enjoyment from the book.

Red Band Trailer For The Sacrament

Say what you want about the found footage genre, whether you like it or not, it is still useful to horror directors when trying to work out what their next movie is going to be. Although, in the case of Ti West even he isn’t sure if he would class his latest film as a one to go under the found footage umbrella.

In an interview last year about his new movie, The SacrementWest had this to say about the genre in relation to his film:

“I think the term “found footage” is a weird term because it’s a genre, we all get what it means and I understand labeling this as it just so you can understand it’s shot sort of like that. But to me, found footage is movies that are supposed to be real or supposed to be in camera edited, like this is what was left on this tape. That’s never what this is.”

Rather bizarrely he alludes to Christopher Guest and his previous work. Not someone you would think a horror director would be referencing, although you can see in the quote below what he was getting at.

“This is an after the fact made documentary. It’s like a Christopher Guest movie if you will. It’s just very dark, and I don’t think anyone’s looked at Christopher Guest’s career and been like, “Oh, found footage.” It’s always been like these weird mockumentaries, but mockumentary sounds good for comedy and not for anything else. So it’s just hard to label it necessarily but to me, having a tough time labeling something generally means something’s interesting.”

The movie follows a reporter from Vice travelling to religious commune to try and find a man’s sister. As with any horror film, things do not go to plan. When viewing the trailer after reading the quotes from West it kind of puts a fresh perspective on the found footage genre and makes this film seem a bit interesting. The involvement of Eli Roth is always an added bonus as well.

The full interview can be found here


Meet The Guardians Of The Galaxy

So we now have the full trailer for the latest upcoming Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy which can be viewed below

And now James Gunn has your attention, it is time to shed a little bit more light on the main characters! Here is a quick snippet on each of the Guardians

First up we have Rocket

Some fans weren’t happy that they hadn’t had chance to hear his voice in the actual trailer, so hopefully they will be happy with the one line offered in this short clip

Next up is Groot

Voiced by Vin Diesel

Our next character is Drax 

Played by Dave Bautista

The only female on the team is Gamora

Played by Zoe Saldana

And finally, Peter Quill

Played by Chris Pratt