New Comic From Mark Millar – Starlight

starlight cover

In an exclusive from the Hollywood ReporterMark Millar, creator of such titles as Kick Ass, The Ultimates and Superman: Red Son has announced his latest comic project with Punisher artist, Goran Parlov.

Starlight has been described by Millar as “Flash Gordon-meets-The Dark Knight Returns” and centres on a hero who saved the universe 35 years ago, but as the years have passed, no one believes his story. He does what any normal person would do in that situation and length of time; he settles down, has a family, gets a few kids. Things are never that simple though, as Millar states “…then that old, sparky, Buster Crabbe-era rocket ship comes back and needs him for one last adventure”

Not content with alluding the comic to another great work (The Dark Knight Returns), he also had this to say about it; “It’s Buzz Lightyear meets Unforgiven. I guess and I’ve been motoring through it for months, really having a good time with it.”

 Below is some of the artwork for the upcoming comic

RocketMan 1

RocketMan 2

RocketMan 3


Starlight is set to be released in March 2014 and will run for 6 issues


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