Chucky Set To Play Again In Child’s Play 7

Fans of the Child’s Play franchise can rest easy after the cliff hanger ending of the latest movie. It looks like everyone’s favourite serial killer possessed doll is set to back in yet another movie.

Whilst the film series started off in the horror genre, towards the latter end of the movies they shifted tone rather dramatically and moved more into the comedy-horror world. With the latest entry, Curse of ChuckyDon Mancini and the gang went back to their roots and made a film that showed what Chucky used to be like. The resulting movie, even though it went straight to DVD has been well received by fans.

For those still after answers though about how the story is set to continue, Mancini tweeted yesterday about the future of Chucky

No more news on how this will progress, but it is nice to see a continuation of a story that has so many fans within the horror genre, instead of just being another remake or reboot which has become the norm with so many films recently.


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