Kent Farm Under Construction For ‘Batman vs. Superman’

Whilst many people across the world hold their breathe to get a glimpse of any images from the upcoming powerhouse that is Batman vs. Superman, they can bask in the glory of these rather unremarkable images that have recently come to light.


The images from outside Yorkville, Illinois show a barn, water tower and farmhouse along with a few other houses under construction.


Some thought these buildings were for the Man of Steel sequel, but these rumours were put aside when it announced that filming wouldn’t start until early 2014. The producers of both the Man of Steel sequel and Batman vs. Superman have neither denied nor confirmed the uses of these sets for either movie; but with the announcement of the sequel not being shot till next year, it looks a lot more plausible that this location will be used for Batman vs. Superman.


Locals had reported seeing lights in the sky in the surrounding area, and from the photos you can see several spotlights. So whether these are the reason for the apparent night time activity, only time will tell. For now though, fans will have to speculate as what these sets are to be used for and just be happy they have a few unofficial images to placate them until official images are available.


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