Geek-Girl #0 Review


Another offering from Sam Johnson, creator of The Almighties (review for #1 can be found here) and this time he is focusing his attention on the solo superhero.

Ruby Kaye is just like any other American girl, until she happens to come into possession of a rather remarkable pair of glasses, through what would have most probably been a rather remarkable game of strip poker, that bestow upon her all of the powers of a superhero; without the tenuous dead parents/alien orphan back story that has become such common place in the world of comic books nowadays!


The comic has some rather bawdy humour throughout, which is becoming a trademark with Johnson and his writing style. See if you can spot the rather subtle ‘backdoor love’ interaction between the girls in the nightclub!

Shorter than a usual issue, because it is only an introduction to the series, this comic manages to grab the readers attention in a short space of time and want to them to know about the characters involved. Whether that may be because male readers will want to see more of Ruby in her newly designed outfit, I am in no position to get into that discussion; you can make your own mind up with that one!

For more information about the Geek-Girl comic and to pick up your own copy, check out the site here


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