Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt Set To Play Morpheus In The Sandman Movie?


Well it seems the rumour mill has started churning again, and once more Joseph Gordon-Levitt is at the centre of it. Nowadays there isn’t a huge role to be announced the JGL isn’t attached to. This time around, he is rumoured to be up for the role of Morpheus in an apparent adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s classic comic work, Sandman.

The news was broken at Badass Digest who have said that David Goyer, who has penned The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel, has apparently pitched his interpretation to Warner Bros and the studio is rather interested to what he has presented to them at this present stage.

Whilst this is all still in the rumour stage, it would be interesting to see if this adaptation could actually gather some steam and come to fruition, but with Geoff Johns, the go-to Hollywood and DC relations guy apparently behind the project; it could certainly go a lot further than some of the other times it has been announced.


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