Is Preacher Coming To The Small Screen?


The biggest rumour this weekend is that AMC, the great people that brought us Breaking Bad and Mad Men, are looking to fill their schedule with another hit television show; and it seems they have set their sights on the cult comic book series, Preacher.

The news was first broke at Badass Digest yesterday, and they claim that a source close to them has said that a pilot has been ordered for the series.

Whilst The Walking Dead has become a runaway success for fans it is no surprise that people are looking towards other popular comics to adapt, but whilst Preacher certainly has a huge fan base, whether it can be adapted for the small screen is another matter completely. Garth Ennis’ and Steve Dillon’s comic has some insane moments littered throughout the issues, but if people can look past the men who like to engage in carnal activities with meat products, orgies on a monumental level or sexual private investigators; they still have to face some rather deep religious issues that are at the heart of the comic. Whether audiences will be willing to accept a television programme in which a preacher (hence the title) who has lost his faith travels across America to literally find God and have it out with him over why he had abandoned his people.

I for one am a huge fan of the original comic and am always excited to hear any news as to whether there is going to be an upcoming adaptation; but I always worry if it will ever translate onto film.


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