Unity #1 Review


With more and more new comics being released every week, it is often difficult finding a new series to pick up and want to continue reading with each new issue. Luckily, Unity, from Valiant is one of those comics that manages to grab you from the start and draw you in completely. From the creative team of Matt Kindt, Doug Braithwaite and Brian Reber, those who have decided to try something new certainly aren’t going to be disappointed.

For those that haven’t been familiar with the Unity story line from Valiant in the past, readers needn’t worry, as they are given a quick page long introduction to the story line to bring them up to speed with everything that has happened so far in the story. New fans to the series, me included, shouldn’t be put off by this, because everything is explained in such a succinct way that you feel you are well and truly acquainted with the story by the time the action kicks off.

The first issue doesn’t take any time in throwing us head first into the story and the destruction, and it really doesn’t let up throughout. Interspersed throughout the comic, readers are given some background to the overall story arc and some of key figures for the comic are introduced. For those that really want the full story, the Unity comic is also tied in with X-O Manowar, so this will be something else for them to get their teeth into.

Without wanting to give too much away, as to not spoil the issue for anyone who has yet to read it, the story looks like it going to be covering some very interesting issues; such as what it means to try and reclaim a homeland that is no longer available, teamwork and how nations deal with a threat upon themselves. It certainly doesn’t hold back on the violence front either, with one panel in particular showing a flaming head being used to create a hole in another mans body, will the rest of the story show as much violence? Only time will tell!

A solid first issue, that looks like it is going to try some interesting things throughout its run. I for one look forward to seeing the second issue and seeing how the story progresses.


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