Movember Movie Special – Tremors

Tremors poster

Next up in the Movember movie special list is Tremors. Often forgotten about when it comes to cult movies, this little movie has garnered enough attention to spawn a few sequels and holds a place dear in many film fans hearts.

The character that has brought this movie into the list is Burt Gummer, played by Michael Gross. Every B-Movie has a character that reckons they can save the day single handedly, and this homage to the genre is no different. Burt, alongside his wife Heather, feels that he has enough ammo and firepower, along with supplies to tie them over in the event of a nuclear attack; to survive the onslaught of the graboids. Oh how wrong he is, and yet you want to believe him because he sports such a manly ‘stache.

burt gummer

Few men can pull off such a daring piece of facial hair. It says to the world that they play by their own rules and they are damned if anyone is going to tell them any different. They are certainly one you want on your side in the event of being stuck in such a predicament as the residents of Perfection find themselves in.


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