Movember Movie Special – Kill Bill Vol. 2

pai mei

Say what you want about Quentin Tarantino, to some he is the saviour of modern cinema and to others he is a just a plagiarist who rehashes others peoples ideas and claims that he allowed to do because he is smarter than the average cinema goer. He will always decide people when his films; but it cannot be denied that he manages to create some damn memorable characters.

In amongst all of the madness that is Kill Bill saga, we are introduced to the character of Pai Mei and he becomes one of the most important characters within the films; even though he is often forgotten about. It is he who teaches Beatrix the skills that allow her to have her revenge on the people that have wronged her in her life. Whilst he may not be as well known as Bill or memorable as Buck (My name is Buck, and I’m here to fuck), if it wasn’t for Pai Mei, Beatrix would still be stuck in that coffin!

Most importantly though, seeing as how these articles are to celebrate Movember, check out his awesome facial hair! How could you not want to be taught martial arts by someone who looks as impressive as Pai Mei. All martial arts instructors should be made to attempt to copy his style at least once in their lives. I know it isn’t the most original of facial hair, because this style has been worn by martial arts masters in cinema for years, but as I mentioned earlier on; Tarantino likes to show audiences how much he has watched over the years and drop bits in every so often in his films.


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