Joe Martino Interview

joe martino

Joe Martino is the co-founder of Red Anvil comics and I recently had chance to ask him a few questions about his work and career; here are his responses!

You set up your publishing company with Dave Ryan earlier this year, how important was it to be able to run your own company and be in complete control of your work?

I’ve done it both ways and they both have their merits and pitfalls. Dave and I have a lot of the same ideas and I felt it was time to start really publishing again. I’m not getting any younger!

So many people want to break into the world of comics nowadays; do you have any advice for them?

Look at what you are doing. Then look at what your target audience is reading. Does it look and read as good as that? Show people who aren’t your friends and family. My mom thinks I am the best artist in the world. That doesn’t mean anyone else is going to feel that way.

With anything good, these things take time. The longer you do something the better you are at it. Start today. Tomorrow doesn’t exist. You won’t have more time later.

Kickstarter has been the driving force with getting The Mighty Titan released; how do you feel about the support from the fans during the process?

Amazing. I can’t even put it into words how this all turned out. The first Kickstarter was really tough. It literally put me in the hospital. But, it didn’t kill me and the response since then have been amazing.

Cancer is an issue that affects so many people these days. I know it has affected you personally, but did you have any reservations about making a comic with the issue so far in the foreground?

Yes. It took me a few years to convince myself to play the ‘cancer card’. Also, I knew it would dredge up emotions that I had buried. Even now, I am finishing up the script on issue 4 and it is tough to relive some of it.

Any chance of a hint as to where the current story is going to go? 

Downhill… Fast.

Are we going to find out the meaning of Trenchmouth’s nickname?

Yes. It has already been touched upon in issue 2. We will learn more about him in issue 4.

The Mighty Titan is having a 5 issue run, is that going to be the end of the character, or just this specific story arc?

There is an opening for an issue 6 and so on. Hopefully people will want to continue with the characters and the story as I am really happy with the way it is going.

Do you have any projects lined up after you have finished with The Mighty Titan?

After? How about during? I am currently working on 2 other books. Shadowflame and Cyberine Corps. I am co-writing these as I just don’t have time to do it all. I am also working with Dave Ryan on the next few War of the Independents.

Any comics you are currently reading at the moment and you want to recommend?

Not many. New comics just don’t do it for me. The Red Ten and Scam from ComixTribe are really good Indy reads. Judge Dredd is a constant favorite of mine. I love Superman but DC isn’t publishing that right now.

If you weren’t working in the comics industry, what you want to be doing?

I am doing it. I am an IT guy by day. 🙂

To keep up to date with more of Joe’s work and The Mighty Titan Kickstarter fund follow him on Twitter


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