The Mighty Titan #2 Review

the mighty titan 2 cover

I forgot to mention in the review of issue 1 that there may be some spoilers dotted throughout these reviews, so here is just a prior warning – *SPOILERS* may appear in this review.

Good, now that that is out of the way, we can get down to business.

Issue two of The Mighty Titan drops us right into the middle of the action and shows us him getting his ass handed to him on a plate early on in his career; oh how times have changed for him. Not just in the sense that he is a much more capable hero now, but also because his alter ego, Mark Williams, is now stuck in a hospital bed after collapsing at the end of the last issue. Being a superhero does have its perks though, and Mark is able to escape without too many questions about how he has slipped out a whole hospital full of doctors and nurses when he should be worrying about his health insurance!

Once again, we are introduced to another one of Trenchmouth’s teen piloted mecha suits. Although, this time the youngster inside has his own ideas about how he is going to use the suit. Titan soon out a stop to the plans, both his and Trenchmouth’s. It was nice to see some real violence and an actual death during this sequence. Some times writers tend to shy away from showing these things in their comics and just insinuate they happened out of frame, kudos to Joe Martino for having some conviction and showing a guy getting his head burnt off!

Things are still not good for Mark though, and it is in the second half of the comic that we learn that he has cancer, and this is what is affecting both his headaches and his abilities when he is The Mighty Titan. Being unemployed does his its drawbacks when you are a regular citizen, but when you have the Titan on your side, and the Presidents phone number; a certain amount of perks do start to come your way.

I mentioned in the last review, that it would be interesting to see the development of Titan’s apparent nemesis, Trenchmouth. This issue does not disappoint, although it just raises EVEN more questions! He now has Nazi connections, even referencing how the Fuhrer laughed at his creations. I for one am desperate to see where this takes us.

If you want to see the story of The Mighty Titan continued, you can contribute to the kickstarter project here


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