Movember Movie Special – The Campaign


Now a list of movies about facial hair couldn’t be compiled these days without featuring Zach Galifianakis in it at some point. Zach has become the go to guy in recent years for anyone that wants a slightly wacky character sporting a rather lustrous beard; the two seem to go hand in hand though with cinema viewers – offbeat character = must have beard. However, seeing as how this is Movember, I thought it would be best to show Galifianakis in one of his more recent films where he hasn’t gone “full beard”.

The film in question is 2012s The Campaign, and features both Zach and Will Ferrell. Ferrell spends the majority of the movie clean shaven, representing a true American clean cut style, whilst Galifianakis has moved away from his trade mark beard and sports the moustache seen more prominently in the poster below.

zach galifianakis moustache

Several jokes are made throughout this political comedy towards Zach’s character, Marty Huggins’ facial hair and how he could be a member of Al Qaeda. It just goes to show, how even though it is used for comedy purposes; facial hair still makes some people feel uncomfortable and still has allusions to terrorism attached to it.

The movie itself has some rather funny moments, especially if you don’t mind seeing the dog from The Artist, getting sucker-punched in the face! For such a stellar cast of two comedy heavyweights such as Ferrell and Galifianakis, it does feel like there is something lacking from the overall piece. Maybe Zach should stick to the full beard for all of his movies; only time will tell!


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