The Mighty Titan #1 Review

the mighty titan 1 cover

Like many new projects in the creative world nowadays, The Mighty Titan, was funded by Kickstarter and it allows people to donate money to a project so that it could be created.

Joe Martino, from Red Anvil Comics, is the creative force behind this piece and the work is loosely based upon his own life and his battle with cancer. Although, he has yet to come out and say that he is secretly moonlighting as a superhero!

As with any first issue, a lot of groundwork is put forward for the reader, and we are introduced to the main character, Mark Williams. Much like the rest of country he is suffering from unemployment and desperate to find a job. We are also introduced to the hero and namesake of the comic, The Mighty Titan. As the comic progresses, the supporting cast also make themselves known; such as the rest of Mark’s family and The Mighty Titan’s antagonist, Trenchmouth.

Whilst many may feel that this first issue just follows the usual stock standard superhero fair, it is towards the ending that we find out that Williams and Titan are one and the same. It is a nice little touch that Martino did not force the connection between these two characters down our throats from the start. He presented them in  such a way, that is isn’t until we see the transformation that is it known that they are one and the same.

The character of Trenchmouth raises a lot of questions; such as why he hates Titan so much and where his ridiculous nickname comes from. All being well these will be explained in further issues, and I for one look forward to seeing his back story.

A solid first issue that will hopefully will continue to improve as the story continues!


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