Movember Movie Special – Cast Away

November has, over recent years become more commonly known as, Movember. In which men are  encouraged to grow a moustache and raise money to support cancer. Whilst this is all well and good, people need to remember that facial is for life and not just for November (being a bearded man, this is an issue close to my heart!)

So in support of Movember, I intend to show you all a few of the classic pieces of facial hair in the world of cinema! If you want to get involved with the discussion, feel free to throw your own thoughts and opinions in on twitter; follow the site at @BlogTheDoorsOff

To start off, the best place seemed to be one of the most impressive beards in recent cinema history. This honour belongs to Tom Hanks and his character, Chuck Noland, in Cast Away.


Whilst many may think that the most memorable thing about this movie is the fact that it is the longest advert for FedEx known to man or they never realised how upsetting a scene in which a man loses a volleyball could actually be (see the video below); the real star of the show is Hanks and his facial hair.

The reason I personally feel it is so impressive, is because of the drastic change in Nolands character and appearance during the film. Hanks himself put on all of the original weight that we see Chuck carrying at the beginning of the film and it is the complete juxtaposition of how he is presented by the time he escapes from the island that makes his overall look so impressive. During the time it took for Hanks to lose the weight he had put on for the roll, he also grew a majority of the hair himself, so hats off to him for growing his own beard; instead of just using make up (during the time it took for him to do all of this, director Robert Zemeckis went off and made What Lies Beneath, so his time wasn’t completely wasted waiting for Hanks to get skinny and hairy).

To me it a shame to see Chuck completely clean shaven at the end of the film, but that is just my personal opinion.



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