Shock to the Stark family tree



In the latest issue of Iron Man to be released, Iron Man #17, Tony Stark is shocked to find out that is family tree is not what he thought it was. 

This issue is the culmination of a storyline that has run since May, in which writer Kieron Gillen has been working on the “Secret Origin of Tony Stark”. This topic has been covered by many different writers over the years and has always been presented in a variety of different way; but apparently this story is going to have a lasting effect and have repercussions that are going to be felt in future issues.

For anyone that is still reading the arc or intends to pick it up in the future here is the *SPOILERS* warning, but for anyone else that is just too curious here is the lowdown. First of all, Tony Stark is not the actual son of Howard and Maria Stark, he is their adopted child and secondly, Howard and Maria did have a child of their own called Arno (whether this is same Arno Stark that is the villain in another Iron Man comic, only time will tell) who was apparently genetically modified to have a superior intellect and possibly even superpowers.

What effects these revelations will have on the world of Tony Stark, only time will tell, but when something as big as this comes along, you know the fallout is going to be impressive! 


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